Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photography Bootcamp a GREAT Success!

Today was the Photography Bootcamp with Eric Law of "Shoot My Art". There were eight in attendance. Eric was brilliant, organized, focused and very informative. If you didn't attend, you really missed out!

We each learned to individually set our cameras for shooting art work and regular shots (yes, there is a difference.) Janice dropped and broke her camera last week and came with a completely new one. By the end of the day she was comfortable using it. Besides learning about those odd seeming settings in the camera menu, we learned about relatively inexpensive lighting equipment, how to place the lights for a variety of objects, how to emphasize texture when needed, how to deal with shadows, what settings to use and how and where to upload the photos to the computer. And that was just the morning.

Afternoon was just as packed. We reviewed how to use Photoshop Elements, particularly for photos for  exhibits. This included formatting, correcting, changing perspective, straightening, sharpening, resizing, cropping, changing dpi, size and pixels. Eric covered how to meet the requirements for entering various exhibits and the differences in settings for book or magazine submissions as well. We had a discussion about backgrounds and their colors and how they effect the final picture.

There was plenty of time to have everyone's questions answered, the discussions were complete and sometimes lively. I believe we all left feeling very happy we attended the workshop and that we certainly received a lot of very useful information! None of us became overnight experts, but watch out! With some practice,  you never know! If you didn't attend, you really missed out!

Eric offers classes, both private and open through-out the year, as well as shooting art. If interested, you can contact him here: "Eric (ShootMyArt)" <>



  1. I was there-it was the best and Eric is an excellent teacher. I can hardly wait to use all I have learned! I was so sorry I couldn't stay for the last 30 minutes.

    Thank you Eric and thank you for organizing this. I feel a big sigh of relief- I now have a glimmer of hope for my photo editing skills.

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