Tuesday, May 20, 2014


                                                The Thick and Thin of Dye

The mx fiber reactive dyes are versatile and easy to use, but adding thickeners creates a whole new way to use them. Come play and experiment for a creative and exciting five days. This is a class packed with techniques such as hand painting, mono-printing, silk screening, multi-colored interfacing screening, improvisational work and more. Take the opportunity to experiment with a variety of fabrics. We will make many smaller pieces and some yardage.
June 28-Aug.1, 2010
  Susie's Studio in Detroit
$375 plus a supply fee

Space is limited to six. If interested, please send a check for the class fee to :
Susie Krage
1731 Seminole St.
Detroit  48214

In progress student pieces from previous workshop: