Friday, August 31, 2012

Blind Eye Exhibit Reminder

A friendly reminder,

The Blind Eye Exhibit sponsored by the Illinois State SDA Group is coming soon. The deadline for the 15" submissions is September 7. For  more information, contact Jeanette Thompson at:


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Knitting Lecture at Cranbrook

From Jill Ault:

Jessica Hemmings, from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, will be speaking at Cranbrook.  The title of her lecture is "Introversion and Knitting: Rethinking Solitary Production."  

"Jessica Hemmings writes about textiles.  She also writes about fiction that contains textiles, materials that remind us of textiles and other things, as long as they are interesting."

Tuesday, October 30th, 6 pm, Cranbrook Art Museum's de Salle Auditorium.  Please use the Library entrance for the lecture.  Parking is available in the Cranbrook Art Museum parking lot. 


Textiles by Ann Baddeley Keister
Collaborative work by Ann Baddeley Keister and Patricia Nelson
Poetry by Patricia Clark

Show Dates:  August 20 to Sept 21

GVSU  Art Gallery, Performing Arts Center, Allendale campus

A Great Brag!

Beth Markel, a Michigan SDA member has won second place for machine quilted wall art at the Grand Rapids American Quilting Society's Grand Rapid exhibit. Congratulations. If we all ask nicely, maybe Beth will post a picture....


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Galleries in Detroit

I had a wonderful day today and want to share my experience with you. First I went to see ArtRages Gallery. I have had an ad from them on my desk forever. The gallery is located at 719 Griswold, Suite 100, downtown Detroit. What a treat! The owner, surprise, surprise, is Judy Sledge. I briefly met her sometime ago. Judy is delightful and I enjoyed chatting with her for almost an hour, before I had to run to move the car before I got ticketed! Judy does lovely, easy to wear felted garments. They were as light as air! There were some paintings and other fiber items, but I was so focused on talking to Judy, I have to admit, I didn't look around nearly enough. But that leaves me an excuse to return another day.

The next stop was at Gallery 555, located in the old Third Precinct at 2801 W. Vernor Highway. This is the home of Gallery 555, after three homeless years. The gallery has partnered with Southwest Solutions and their neighbor, Detroit Farm and Garden. The first floor has been repaired, rewired, cleared of hazards and has a new heating system. The gallery space is still a bit gritty and raw, but workable. Over time it will be improved and become a more contemporary space. Also on the first floor is an education room where community art programs will be taught once a month for children ages 7-14
years. There are several artists studios for rent in additional space.

Outdoor sculpture by Monte and Carl Martinez

One of the amazing sections of the first floor is the jail. The cells are still there and you are welcome to browse. Of course, these were holding cells, not meant for permanent occupancy. They are tiny and the bars and doors are much heavier than I ever guessed! The group is still trying to imagine how best to use the cells in a creative way and yet not destroy them.

The second floor holds a gym. It is not being used as yet because it need rewiring and heat and a major clean out. It will be an amazing large studio and/or event space once renovated.

Carl and Monte Martinez founded Gallery 555 in 2002, and are excited about the new space. There is still lots of work  to do. If you are interested in getting involved, want to volunteer  to help move the process along, please contact Monte at, or call Monte or Carl at 888-494-ARTS.  Their website is: Better yet, stop by and take a look. They are very welcoming.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

buy art & raise money for breast cancer research!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday August 28.

Why? Because of this:


Cloth Paper Scissors magazine invited several artists (including SDA MI member Lynn Krawczyk) to make artwork to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

On Tuesday August 28 CPS is going to stock their etsy shop with 41 pieces of mini artwork (in 5" square and 8" square sizes) for you to snag. All proceeds will go to NBCF. You will also have a chance to pick up a special set of Peerless Watercolors in a special pink palette.

Total win-win gig - get cool art and help raise money for a fabulous cause!

* The CPS etsy shop will be empty until Tuesday August 28th. But if you visit before hand, you can sign up to be notified by email when they open so you don't miss your chance! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012


Hi, Folks,

I hope you are all doing well, getting a lot of studio time as well as enjoying this beautiful weather.

It is time for some bragging. Surely, you have been working or at least trying to do so over the summer. We would like to hear what you have done, accomplished, seen (exhibits) and or classes and workshops you have taken. In other words, we want the low down on news from our members.

I'll start the ball rolling because I am very happy with my exhibit schedule this summer. I have a piece at the Northville Arts House, in the "Thoughts with Thread, 2012, exhibit. Several other members who are well known to you are also exhibiting there, but they will need to toot their own horn. The exhibit runs through Saturday, August 25th.

Next, I will have two large works in the "Fibers Fantastic: Rare Threads" exhibit  which will open Sunday, September 23, at 1 p.m. and run through Saturday, November 3rd. It is sponsored by the Jordan River Arts Council and will be held at the Jordan River Arts Center at 301 Main St, East Jordan River, MI.

And finally, I just learned that two more large pieces will be in the "American Craft Today" exhibit at the Bascom Center for the Visual Arts, in Highlands, N.C.

I have been working on a new series called, "I Love Detroit", and have completed nine pieces to date. This is the series some of you got a peek at during our SAQA/SDA show and tell. The series is made from digitally altered photos that are commercially printed, assembled and screen printed. I am looking for a venue here in Detroit for an exhibit. Any suggestions?

So, how about it? What have you been doing? Please let us know by sending your news to Lynn at, or to me at


Classes Offered

 Susie Krage is offering a series of 1 day dyeing classes starting in September. All will be held in her Detroit studio. Please contact her at 313-922-8112 or to enroll or for more information.

Indigo Magic: 1 day 

Using only indigo, produce fabrics that range from pale to rich deep blue. We will do some fabric manipulation to achieve variations in color as well as pattern. Experience level: All, including beginners. Limit: 10 Cost: $95 includes all dye and chemicals Offered:  September 6 and again, October 25, 9:30-4:30 

Beginning Dyeing: 1 day 

Learn the basics of low water immersion dyeing (LWI) using fiber reactive dyes. Both batching and microwave dyeing will be used. Besides basics, a color gradation and some manipulation will be included. Experience level: Beginners Limit: 8 Cost: $95, includes all dyes and chemicals Offered: September 13, and again October 4, 9:30-4:30 

Dyeing II: 1 day 

Working with fiber reactive dye, learn to make  a 2 color gradation, parfait with many colors, fabric manipulation and over dyeing. Experience level: Beginning dyeing or equivalent experience Limit: 8 Cost: $95, includes all dyes and chemicals Offered September 20, and again October 11, 9:30-4:30 

Dyeing III: Working with Thickened Dye,  1 day 

Using a variety of tools, learn to create improvisational pattern on fabric. Techniques include but are not limited to mono-printing several ways, direct painting, squirting,  drawing, stamping and marks making on fabric. Level: all skill levels with basic dyeing  experience Limit: 8 Cost: $95, includes all dyes and chemicals Offered: September 27, and again,  November 18, 9:30-4:30 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cathy's Sale--Continued

 We decided to do a repeat performance next Sunday, same hours,
11-6.  A big thank you to those of you who came from the Detroit area.

Will have plenty of griege goods, clothing blanks, 1/2 price hand dyes,
fixtures etc again August 26.


Cathy Beckwith/Dyers Edge

1276 Rutledge Drive
Temperance, Mi 48182


Friday, August 17, 2012

More from Cathy Beckwith

This desk with hutch is available at $60, because of water damage to legs, and have no room for it.  This is the only item with water damage!!

5 tier yarn rack , have pix and can send to interested parties @ $35.
White grid about 50 x 52 with end grid pieces on rolling base, $35, dissembled pix avail.
6x2 black metal gross, with rolling detachable rack, 2 curved metal clothing bars and some hooks @ $90.  Desk and last rack at different location nearby. would needed to take desk apart. Hutch side of l-SHAPE desk is about 72 ", ~24-25" ht desk , same dim. for hutch.

Clothing blanks mostly at $3-5/pc. Most were initial sold thru Nieman Marcus and are very nice.

hand dyes 40-50% off
Threads, weaving threads, pails, etc
Really need to down size, but not giving away the store at garage sale pricing. Just really good pricing for inventory reduction. Tax will be included in pricing. Terms are mostly cash, with exceptions. 

Desk is the only item that had water damage.

8/19 sunday 11-6, or by appt.
If I can free up the following sunday, will run it again, but son's wedding is the following weekend, so have to wait and see how things are going. We'll be here a lot as I get things ready for move, so appointments are good and they don't have to be exact times, will be around.

Due to internet and phone problems this week, any inquires should go to and if I can't be reached at 734.847.3912 (please try this number first), use cell, 419.297.7669

We'll get back to you if I miss your calls. 


Monday, August 13, 2012

Studio Sale

I had to close my studio down and am moving to smaller accommodations. As a
result, I have fixtures, fabrics, greige goods, commercial and hand dyes, clothing blanks for shorts, pants, shirts, white and some black, books, etc that I don't have room for and would rather sell to other artists/vendors than take the time to put on the web. The list is
growing daily at this point as I try to determine what I can do without, but I will sell these things soon. 

I have a 5 tier yarn display, 2 white metal stands that roll when assembled, a black
metal grid with rolling detachable bottom and atachable clothing bars, lots
of odds and ends like tons of shoulder pads, a singer serger, some frames for painting fabrics, lots of screens (not silk screens, large screens I use for dye technics and yarns) a couple design boards, 6 foot dyed plasitic folding tables and boards etc. Everything that I plan to sell will be gone before the end of Sept. one way or the other, so if you are interested, please give me a call or email me for more info or to arrange a time to come. To avoid charges on my account, terms of sale will be cash only.

Will be here for sure Sunday, 8/19 from 11 to 6. 

Still finding more things including 3 boxes of weaving threads, track lighting, sewing threads and embroider/art threads, pails, pvc pipe, and the list goes on.  Which is why it is so hard to do this as a single day and will be an on going process by appointment as well. Not going out of biz but definately making a large dent.  Sale will be at the house, not the studio, as I have to be out this weekend and I won't have the time to clear out completely otherwise.
Cathy Beckwith
1276 Rutledge Drive
Temperance, Mi 48182


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New SDA Ambassador

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the SDA-Michigan team, Karin Larsen. Karin lives in Kalamazoo and will be representing SDA on the west coast of Michigan. Watch the blog for announcements of events that Karin will be scheduling. (

If you are interested in getting together with other members of SDA or attending local workshops, please shoot an e-mail to Karin at <>.  Introduce yourself and let her know what your interests are. Local SDA groups are a great opportunity for artists to meet and connect face to face and are a terrific benefit of your membership in SDA. I am delighted Karin has decided to join the team  and that we will be able to provide more services to more of you.

Here is a bit of information about Karin:

Fiber came into my life early.  By the age of eight I had learned to sew and embroider for the pure joy of it.  When my Grandmother would visit she would bring her bag of crochet samples that had been her Grandmother’s and I would sit with her to learn the tradition.  Curiosity lead me to study weaving and spinning with a Master Weaver and you cannot weave cloth without weaving stories to tell.  From there it was a feast of fibers, felting, and embellishment.  I take joy in being a kinesthetic learner.

As a certified Weaving a Life instructor I teach seven key forms that are woven and a frame loom.  The process helps you to look at your life with new eyes.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Nancy Crow workshop at Muskegon Museum of Art

The Muskegon Museum of Art is hosting an exciting fiber art exhibit called Innovators and Legends: Generations in Textiles and Fiber. The exhibit is organized by Geary Jones and the museum. In conjunction with the show that will be at the museum December 13, 2010- March 17, 2013 before traveling extensively around the country, the museum is hosting three fabulous fiber workshops in December - one of which is a Nancy Crow workshop.

Details for each one are listed below. Don't hesitate to register now if you are interested. To register, call 231-720-2571.

Innovators and Legends Workshops

Lines, Curves, Circles and Figure/Ground: Part I machine-piecing workshop
Instructor: Nancy Crow
5 days, December 10-14, 2012 – 9:00 am-noon, 2:00-5:00 pm
Level: Intermediate (sewing machine used)
Class Fee: $600
Location: Hilt Building Classroom (downtown Muskegon)
Extensive supply list sent upon registration.

Many small sewn-together compositions will be created.  All work will be done in direct machine piecing.  All fabric cutting will be done without rulers. Fabrics of choice will be a broad palette of hand-dyed or commercial solids and values.  Emphasis will be on geometric shapes and lines.
Students will be given timed exercises that explore classical design concerns such as color, value, proportion, shape, curves, circles, and line relationships.  Lots of seed ideas will be generated.
By mid-week, students will work in their sketchbooks, analyze their small studies, choose their best ones, and with further exercise, build on these ideas to generate new larger compositions.


Drawing with Yarn: Tapestry Made Easy

Instructors: David Johnson (former head of fibers at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts ), and Geary Jones ( a Pollock/Krasner International, and NEA award winning tapestry artist, and sculptor ).
5 days; December 10-14, 2012
Level: all levels
Class Fee: $350
Location: Muskegon Museum of Art Classroom

This is a tapestry, and rug-making class designed for beginners to advanced level weavers. We will explore a variety of weaving techniques (from slit-tapestry, eccentric weave, and a number of knotting, and interlocking techniques). Pattern, and color techniques, as well as blocking, and cleaning will also be addressed. This is both a fun, and relaxing class for just about anyone...
Each participant will be provided with a 3ft x 4 ft frame loop for use during the workshop for a $10 fee.


Contemporary Cedar Bark Basketry

Instructor: Dawn Nichols Walden
3 days; December 12-14, 2012 – 9:00 am-noon, 1:30-5:00 pm
Level: all levels
Class Fee: $400
Location: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Classroom (downtown Muskegon)

This workshop is designed for large contemporary pieces, mold making techniques and construction methods.  Ideas for expanding with different materials as in plastics or recyclable material.
I keep forgetting to post about this. Two people left baskets here at our last pot luck...the SDA/SAQA meeting, I believe. Both are heavy with big handles. Please let me know if they might be yours. They are similar.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

call for entries: Fiberart International 2013

Fiberart International 2013 is an exhibition of contemporary fiber art presented by the Fiberarts Guild Of Pittsburgh, Inc. It's located at both the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Society For Contemporary Craft.


ENTRY FEE: $35.00 (U.S. currency) for up to three entries

Two images per entry: one full view and one detail

AWARDS: Over $5000 in cash awards

Visit their website here for the prospectus and information about how to apply online.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Artisan Store in Detroit

Owner and artist, Ramona Martin, recently fulfilled a long term dream and opened a shop where she sells goods made solely by Michigan artists. The shop is filled with a wide variety of handmade items and could tempt even Scrooge! My favorite were hand dyed luscious cotton knit scarves for the small price of $20. They were long circles (no seams) and felt delicious. There were also racks of hand dyed T's, recycled and repurposed jackets, shirts and vests, lots of jewelry, some unique wall pieces including a driftwood fish with soda/beer top scales. She also had some garden art, photos, glass and children's clothes.

The shop is open daily except Sunday. The busiest day is Saturday with a lot of Eastern Market visitors.  Stop in a say hello!

Located at 1400 E. Fisher Freeway (with Russell, and directly across from the Brewery Park entrance).