Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New SDA Ambassador

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the SDA-Michigan team, Karin Larsen. Karin lives in Kalamazoo and will be representing SDA on the west coast of Michigan. Watch the blog for announcements of events that Karin will be scheduling. (sdami.blogspot.com)

If you are interested in getting together with other members of SDA or attending local workshops, please shoot an e-mail to Karin at <karinlarsen@mediopic.com>.  Introduce yourself and let her know what your interests are. Local SDA groups are a great opportunity for artists to meet and connect face to face and are a terrific benefit of your membership in SDA. I am delighted Karin has decided to join the team  and that we will be able to provide more services to more of you.

Here is a bit of information about Karin:

Fiber came into my life early.  By the age of eight I had learned to sew and embroider for the pure joy of it.  When my Grandmother would visit she would bring her bag of crochet samples that had been her Grandmother’s and I would sit with her to learn the tradition.  Curiosity lead me to study weaving and spinning with a Master Weaver and you cannot weave cloth without weaving stories to tell.  From there it was a feast of fibers, felting, and embellishment.  I take joy in being a kinesthetic learner.

As a certified Weaving a Life instructor I teach seven key forms that are woven and a frame loom.  The process helps you to look at your life with new eyes.

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