Monday, August 13, 2012

Studio Sale

I had to close my studio down and am moving to smaller accommodations. As a
result, I have fixtures, fabrics, greige goods, commercial and hand dyes, clothing blanks for shorts, pants, shirts, white and some black, books, etc that I don't have room for and would rather sell to other artists/vendors than take the time to put on the web. The list is
growing daily at this point as I try to determine what I can do without, but I will sell these things soon. 

I have a 5 tier yarn display, 2 white metal stands that roll when assembled, a black
metal grid with rolling detachable bottom and atachable clothing bars, lots
of odds and ends like tons of shoulder pads, a singer serger, some frames for painting fabrics, lots of screens (not silk screens, large screens I use for dye technics and yarns) a couple design boards, 6 foot dyed plasitic folding tables and boards etc. Everything that I plan to sell will be gone before the end of Sept. one way or the other, so if you are interested, please give me a call or email me for more info or to arrange a time to come. To avoid charges on my account, terms of sale will be cash only.

Will be here for sure Sunday, 8/19 from 11 to 6. 

Still finding more things including 3 boxes of weaving threads, track lighting, sewing threads and embroider/art threads, pails, pvc pipe, and the list goes on.  Which is why it is so hard to do this as a single day and will be an on going process by appointment as well. Not going out of biz but definately making a large dent.  Sale will be at the house, not the studio, as I have to be out this weekend and I won't have the time to clear out completely otherwise.
Cathy Beckwith
1276 Rutledge Drive
Temperance, Mi 48182


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