Recommended Books


Art Cloth,  Dunnewold, Jane,  Art Cloth Studio, 2010

Complex Cloth,  Dunnewold, Jane, Fiber Studio Press, 1996

Finding Your Own Visual Language, Dunnewold, Benn, Morgan, Committed to Cloth & Art Cloth Studio, 2007

Colour on Cloth, Issett, Ruth, BT Batsford, 2004

Color on Paper and Fabric, Issett, Ruth, Hand Book Press, 1998

Create Your Own Hand Printed Cloth, Gillman, Rayna, C&T Publishers, 2008


Notan; The Dark Light Principle of Design, Bothwell & Mayfield, Dover Publications, 1968


Color By Accident, Johnston, Ann, Self Published, 1997

Color By Design, Johnston, Ann, Self published, 2001

Tray Dying, Benn &Morgan, Committed to Cloth, 2006


Surfaces for Stitch, Hedley, Gwen, BT Batsford, 2000

Paper, Metal, Stitch, Grey & Wild, BT Batsford, 2004

The Art of Embroidery; Inspirational Stitches and Textures, Tellier-Loumagne, Francoise, Thames & Hudson

Bead Embroidery, Campbell-Harding & Watts, BT Batsford, 2003


Breakdown Printing, Benn & Moegan, Committed to Cloth, 2005

The Art Stamping Workshop, Page, Gloria, North Light Books, 2006


Shibori, Wada & Rice, Kodanska International, 1999

Shibori, Britto, Karen, Watson-Guptill, 2002


Creating Sketchbooks, Greenlees, Kate, BT Batsford, 2005

The New Book of Image Transfer, Haupert, Debba, Lark Books, 2004

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