Friday, December 16, 2011

SDA Holiday Party

The 2011 SDA Holiday party was hosted by state rep Susie Krage at her beautiful home in Indian Village. Our gracious host offered a very welcoming environment where we all socialized and enjoyed each other's company.

Special guest Jane Dunnewold joined us to join in the celebration.

There was a wonderful array of food brought by the members and an exciting gift exchange of all manner of fiber art gifts.

The party is best described in photos - enjoy!

Photos by Susan Trovillion and Mary Valerie Richter.

Debra Danko (facing the camera), Kay Lister talking to Jeanne Pratt with  
Anne Flora and Cathy Beckwith in the background

                                               Anne Flora, Cathy Beckwith, Kay Lister & Jeanne Pratt                                                  Lynn Krawczyk, Lisa Jaros, Jackie Lams & Sandy Kunkle

What a spread!

Lynn Krawczyk, Lisa Jaros, Jackie Lams & Sandy Kunkle

Terri Voight, Michele Moensson, Susie Krage, Jeanne Sarna

Karen Turckes & Jane Dunnewold

Susan Trovillion, Anne Flora, Jeannie Pratt

Cathy Beckwith, Jane Dunnewold, Terrie Voight, Michelle Moensson

Michele Moensson, Jeanne  Sarna, Kay Lister

Jane Dunnewold, Terrie Voight & Michelle Moensson

Mary Valerie Richter & Jane Dunnewold

Michele Moensson

Sandy Kunkle

Mary Valerie Richter

Many thanks to Susie and Jane for a wonderful party!

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