Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Meeting

Yesterday, December 2nd, was SDA Michigan's annual holiday meeting. Only nine of us attended, but it was a great time. Besides the table full of goodies, amazing show and tell, even more amazing gift exchange and door prizes, we had a meaningful discussion about the future of SDA Michigan. Several people volunteered to do some research so that we could have a venue for an exhibit (ongoing) and a venue to host workshops. The consensus was that although everyone has enjoyed the classes and workshops presented so far, it is time to step up our game and have world quality workshop. To do so, we need to find a workshop space, so the hunt is on. If anyone has suggestions, we would love to hear them.

Enjoy the photos of the event.


Diane Nunez

Irmagard Greuber, her jacket was knit from silk remnants)

Jeanne Sarna

Susan Trovillion

Kay Lister   (Background-Sandy Kunkle)

Sanda Kunkle

Susan Trivillion (shibori quilt top...her first art quilt)

Diane Nunez 3-d fiber work, "Hand of God")

Jan Ellen Moskowitz (Diane's guest & hopefully a new member)

Karen Turkes (This fiber pieces was not accepted in an exhibit 
because the juror thought it was a photograph!)

Kay Lister (her quilt used glitter organza in the flowers!)
Kay Lister (modeling. Susie's shibori dyed silk stole)

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