Friday, March 15, 2013

Fanciful Fibers Challenge Photos

The SDA Michigan "Fanciful Fibers" challenge pieces are in. The pieces are all very different and amazing. Take a look. We will be posting information for you to vote on your favorite. There will be prizes too!

Each participant started with a fat quarter of fabric that had been manipulated and dyed with lemon yellow. The rules were to do anything you wanted with the fabric and any style.

Thanks to all who participated.

#1. Snow dyed jewelry

#2. Quilt

#3 Twisted Fabric

#4. Pillow Cover

#5. Kick Out the Housework

#6. Japanese silks and stamps

# 7. Green & yellow stones

#8. Spring Flowers

#9. Find the Rhythm

#10. Green

#11. Tears (woven)
12. Space Debris

#13. Rust on metal background

#14. Seahorse

#15. Purple

#16. Unlocked


  1. What a great challenge! It is really great to see such diversity of voice.

  2. It's really enjoyable to see how differently each person has responded to that fat quarter piece of dyed fabric!