Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last Meeting

Last Sunday was the most recent meeting of SDA Michigan. There were four of us in attendance. Xia Gao came all of the way from Lansing to participate. We had a lovely visit, snacks and show and tell. We were all fascinated with Xia's latest work which was made from lutradur and cut with a cricut machine. She had two delicate lace like bowls, one dense black and the other white. Kay Lister had two toss pillows made from yardage she discharged on her driveway using the purchased thickened bleach as well as a very large and colorful snow dyed piece. Kay says the bleach left "crop circles" type marks on the drive!  Terrie Voight was wearing a silk and wool hand printed shrug in blues and purples. The fabric was very soft and draped beautifully. She also showed us a long jacket she made from black discharged cotton. I (Susie) showed two garments from the Ann Arbor Fiber Feast as well as an indigo dyed shibori sampler.

I had expected to discuss another offer from The Edsel Ford House Gallery for an exhibit in November. However, I learned that there had been a personnel change. I tracked down the new exhibitions coordinator and they have once again withdrawn the offer. They say there has been too great a turn-over in personnel to even consider an exhibit at this time. I do not intend to pursue this venue again.

Diane Nunez was unable to attend the meeting. I do hope that she will, as she hopes, be able to take up her responsibilities as your representative in the very near future. She has assured me that she intends to do so as soon as she is able. Please hang in there with her. If anyone would like to volunteer to help her get started by proposing a workshop or speaker, I am sure she would be happy to accept that sort of help.

Meanwhile, please keep in touch. I am still in the same place, same e-mail, and look forward to hearing from you. I will be teaching classes and trying to produce some new work. I would love to hear what you are doing and would also love to see more smiling faces on Michigan's section of the SDA website!


Susie Krage

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