Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fiber, Nuts & More exhibit

From the Huron Valley Arts website:

Join us on January 6, 2012 from 7pm-9pm for the opening night reception of our January exhibit and sale "Fiber, Nuts and More." This exhibit features the extrordinary work of three Michigan fiber artists: Loretta Oliver, Marilyn Prucka and Sue Walton.
This collaboration began when three fiber artists inherited three boxes of black walnuts, left to them by another artist who moved out of state. Loretta, Marilyn and Sue took on the challenge to explore the range of color and possibilities using the black walnuts. In addition to color each artist developed a body of work that expresses a concept related to walnuts.
Loretta sees color and concept integrated into a series of organic shaped vessels referred to as "Nut Cases." The vessels are seamless and created with felted wool fibers, a variety of mixed media materials and walnut dyes, the color alterd with metals and other natural elements.
Marilyn connects with nature especially the flow of a river and the ever changing environment. She uses layers of fabrics, adds and subtracts color from walnuts and other natural dyestuffs, such as indigo. She cuts, stitches and produces organic works of art on cloth.
Sue uses natural dye colors on yarns. With computer aided design skills, these yarns are manipulated and arranged into complex weave structures. The yarns are then hand woven on a loom to create fabrics that are suitable for fiber art, wearable art and home fashions.
The exhibit and sale runs through January 28th and is open to the public daily.

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