Sunday, April 8, 2012

Exhibition Review: Krawczyk & Lams

Friday was the opening of the exhibition Ragged Layers by SDA members Lynn Krawczyk and Jackie Lams at the Huron Valley Center for the Arts (HVCA). Both artists work similarly with torn fabric and frayed edges, but the similarity ends there.

Lams work displayed mostly somber colors occasionally lit up with a few brighter or lighter areas.  Some work included sections from old quilts that she altered by adding pieces of her own fabrics or by silk screening images, text and hand stitching. The pieces were quiet and invited a closer look to see the detail and subtle colorations. 

   Jacqueline Lams with her work...........    



By contrast, Krawczyk's work was exuberant with bright colors and multiple layers of hand screened and stitched fabric. Many pieces were completed with found objects, buttons and contrasting bold stitching.

Lynn Krawczyk with her work


If you haven't been, I encourage you to do so. It is worth the trip! You won't be disappointed!
Susie Krage

HVCA is located at 205 W. Livingston  Road in Highland, Michigan (48357). 

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