Friday, May 4, 2012

Indigo Workshop...More information

Don't forget to sign up for the indigo workshop on June 9th. (See full description on the April 23rd blog entry, click here to go directly to the post). We will be working with small vats.  We suggested you bring fat quarters, however if you plan to stitch, clamp or wrap your fabric, larger pieces will work. For pole wrapping, heavier fabrics may not scrunch enough to fit completely in the vats. Light weight silks or cottons should be fine.

Here are some pieces I did in a vat typical of what we will be using. They are all silk scarves from There is time to order if you wish. If anyone has another source, please let me know and I will post it.


L to R  (before washing)
1. Habotai, manipulated & pole wrapped
2. Habotai, folded & secured with paper clips
3. Habotai,wrapped shapes at ends, knots tied in middle
4. Chiffon, wrapped marbles at ends, twisted
5. Silk velvet, scrunched & tied
6. Silk velvet, folded & clamped with odd shape

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