Friday, May 11, 2012

Jennifer Gould


I wanted  you to know about a show I'm having in Melbourne,
Australia, entitled "Leaf Change: Textile Figures," May 5-20
of my series of leaf-themed dolls in my Square Headed Women
series.  This is the second time I've exhibited in Melbourne
(last time was spring of 2009 in the textile invitational,
FABRICATE 09).  Both events were organized by Deborah
Blakeley who now has Zoneone Arts (see my website for the
link to it).  This show takes place at Open Drawer in
Toorak, a suburb of Melbourne.  Hopefully I will also be
working on a special "Miss Aussie" doll and pattern to sell
through Zoneone Arts.

You're also on my new email list of Far Away people who I,
unfortunately, how ever get to see--friends, relatives,
acquaintances.  I've decided that the only way for you to
know what I'm doing is an email of my shows and events.  So,
as usual, if you don't want to be on this list, please do
email me to take you off the list---definitely, no hard
feelings!  I know how annoying unwanted emails are.  Hope
you're doing well and enjoying life---I am!

Jennifer Gould

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