Friday, January 25, 2013

If you are at all interested in reading about contemporary fiber, you might find this book of interest.  I meant to mention it in my gallery talk but forgot about it.  It has expanded my vocabulary when talking about my own work:

In the Loop by Jessica Hemmings, black dog publishing, London, uk. 2010

It came out of a conference that Hemmings and Linda Newington organized at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton in 2008.  It presents many different approaches to knitting.  It is not an instructional book.  Hemmings and Newington invited artist to talk about their work as well as provide images.  They also invited Jo Turney to look at knitting in literature.

The book looks at knitting as source of narrative, activist activity, and the influence of technology on it, but it could easily apply to all sorts of art activity.  It expands the dialogue about what we make and why we make it.  I find it quite refreshing and pick it up and just read a chapter and let it sink in...

Dolores Slowinski

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