Friday, March 28, 2014

Quilting Arts T.V.

I'd like to share my latest news and hope you will tune in. I returned from Cleveland last night after taping an episode for Quilting Arts T.V. I did a demo of stitched shibori on a fabric that has the dye fixative (a secret formula) embedded into the threads. It works for all of the dyes and speeds the entire dyeing process. The episode will air in July. I have to tell you all what a marvelous experience it was.  Susan Brubaker Knapp just started as the new host. She is warm and engaging and does a great job. The entire crew made me feel welcome and comfortable and their calm and caring did a lot to calm the jitters!

QATV is carried by Public Television. Unfortunately the Detroit PBS station doesn't. If enough people let PBS Detroit (or maybe Michigan) know that they are interested, they may be willing to pick up the program.

Here we are, just before taping.
Susie Krage

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