Monday, March 26, 2012

Latest Meeting, SDA Michigan

Sunday, March 25th, nineteen SDA members and guests met in Ann Arbor at the beautiful home of Sandy Kunkle. Susie gave an update on activities at SDA: Jane Dunnewold will be the President starting April first, replacing Candy Edgerly, and Diane Sandlin has become the new Executive Director, replacing Ann Brockette.  Be looking for some great changes in SDA!

Susie introduced the SDA-Michigan team. Susie Krage is the  state representative, Susan Trovillion and Jean Pratt are ambassadors, and Lynn Krawczyk, our blogger. The team is exploring the possibilities of a venue for an SDA-Michigan exhibit. Most members present said they would be interested in exhibiting. The SDA-MI team will follow up and we will keep you posted.

Reminders for upcoming meetings:
April 22: Valerie Allen from Golden Paints
June 9: Indigo dyeing with Marilyn Prucka
September: Shibori with Mary Valerie Richter (date to be determined)
December: Holiday Meeting and Party

Our program was extended show and tell. This was a time to share inspiration and how that was translated into the work. We were all also very interested in getting to know more about how each of us works. There was an amazing display of creativity and talent. We saw surface design, shibori, mixed media, felting in both wall art and clothing, rust dyeing, quilting and more. We certainly have a talented group! Check out what you missed if you didn't attend!

Susan Trovillion has been experimenting with dyeing a particular purple 
and doing shibori. Her linen piece used several shibori techniques. 

Victoria Strauss brought a pieced jacket with many fabrics and techniques. 
It will be in the Ann Arbor Fiber Art Guild's runway show at Fiber Feast. 

Anne Knott brought a lovely pieced rust dyed hanging. 
She generously shared her techniques with the group, including using 
spray starch to control the silk while sewing quarter inch seams.

Anne Flora shared several felted pieces as well as this dress. 
It incorporates many different techniques learned in a workshop with 
Carole Soderlund, including machine made lace.

Jeanne Sarna wanted help in deciding whether to change the silk net sleeves 
and/or the shape of her felted jacket. 
She imbedded mica in the wool to give the jacket sparkle.

Mary Valerie Richter shared two amazing shibori pieces. She is trying to decide 
how to quilt this one and received mixed advice as to whether it 
should be quilted or left as is. What would you have suggested?

Kay Lister brought two whimsical pieces using 
a fast sewing technique she learned in a recent workshop
with Jim Hay. (I hope I have that right) She loved the workshop and technique
 because it broke all of the sewing "rules" she learned growing up.

Lynn Krawczyk said this mixed media piece isn't yet finished! What do you think? 
It is one of 15 that will be exhibited at Huron Valley Art Center 
along with work by Jacquelin Lams.

And here is Jackie Lams with one of her pieces going to the same show.  
(Huron Valley Arts Center) Jackie altered and old quilt 
using her own printed fabric to mend and improve it. 
The ragged cut edges of the quilt suggested the name of the show, "Ragged Layers".

Terri Voight presented this pieced and beaded jacket. 
Several members threatened to abscond with it.

Jacqueline Sullivan showed a number of small pieces that were made using 
molding paste with texture pressed into them. 
An interesting technique I'd like to hear more about.

Sandy O'Brien shared several pieces. This great one includes 
discharge and is stretched over canvas.
Jean Pratt brought her mixed media piece. Unfortunately there was 
too much glare to see the delicacy of her work. It includes small paper pieces.
She also shared her silk fusion technique. Ask her about it when you see her!

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