Wednesday, March 7, 2012

online surface design class with Lynn Krawczyk

SDA member Lynn Krawczyk is teaching an online surface design class, The Printed Stash:

This class is being taught through the online video workshop community, STITCHED, and begins on April 1.

From Lynn's blog:

"This is a technique based workshop. In this one hour long video you will learn the basics of Thermofax Screen Printing as well as more advanced concepts like printing layers. We'll talk about what images work best, how to choose colors and the depth that can be created with this process. We'll also learn Gelatin Plate Monoprinting. We'll create positve and negative prints, learn how to transfer your own doodles and drawings to the plate and how to use the plate on projects you already have in progress. While we won't work through an actual project in the workshop because its centered around teaching skills, we will talk about the different ways you can use the fabric you create by looking at various examples.

You will need thermofax screens and a gelatin plate to take this class. Both are inexpensive tools. You can get thermofax screens here and a gelatin plate here.

The best classes I've ever taken have been ones that teach me skills that I can use and adapt to my own way of working. So that's how I structure my classes and that's what The Printed Stash is about."

For full details about the class, how to register and how to be eligible for three giveaways, visit Lynn's blog here.

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