Monday, March 5, 2012

is your profile on the SDA site?

A note from Susie Krage:

Hi Friends,

As your state representative, I need to nag you all a bit.

We have 95 members state wide (yay!) but only 13 have put their profiles on their gallery pages on the Surface Design Association (SDA) website. Of those, only 8 have uploaded images. The SDA site gets thousands of hits daily and the most often visited area is the members gallery.

Let's be the state to fill up our pages and show off the wonderful talent that can be found in Michigan!

Sometimes the viewings can lead to sales or commissions. I was contacted through the website, so I know it can happen. It is a perk of your membership and offers free advertising. Be sure to put contact information there, an email and/or your website. You never know what might come of it.

Thank you to those who have posted! If you need help, please contact me ( or Susan Trovillion (

Don't forget our about our next meeting, March 25, in Ann Arbor. Details for the meeting can be found in this post.



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