Saturday, February 9, 2013

Call for Entry Reminder

 Three Pines Studio/ Call for Artists:
         By the Yard: Surface Designed Textiles

In concept,  material is the fiber artist’s blank canvas, a vehicle for their motifs and mark making.  The yardage that is produced is the transitional material for the next construction. The art cloth will be hung on cardboard rolls suspended from the ceiling of the gallery. 

Additional information: Here are some of the things happening

Some folks are doing 6" by 5 yds .  Possible belts...others 5 in by 1 yd. .  It could be a min.of a  yard of fiber.( There is no restriction as to width. )

If fiber is spectacular folks will purchase the work. We have had a strong history - now in our 12th  year of sales. Local designers often purchase pieces of fiber from the Three Pines Studio.

Take the opportunity to experiment, try something new.

Raw yardage means someone can purchase it to make a wearable or household item. If it doesn't sell it is returned to the artist to continue making it into whatever she wishes. Time and effort is not lost. 

The piece should be priced as the artist normally would price her gallery pieces.

Thinking out the box...
Small pieces could be pinned or tacked together to make 36 in.
Again there is no restriction on width.

Another example - one artist is doing a series of four pieces - 1 yd each that deals with the theme of night and day. Typically she would frame them as tapestry but instead is keeping them free and artfully attaching the panels to be hung from the cardboard roll. She will sell her panels individually for what she normally does.

There is a fiber group doing a group yard .... There are many possibilities.

Members of the Northern Michigan fiber community
and/or Michigan members of the Surface Design Association  

Exhibition: May 25 - June 11, 2013
Artist’s Reception: May 25, 2- 7 pm

5 yards of continuous surface designed fiber or more preferred, (artist’s choice: silk, cotton, wool, etc), minimum of 1 yard will be considered.  (No width requirement.)
2 entry limit.
Techniques employed are the choice of artist.
The artist must provide a short statement regarding their concept and process including a possible use of their fiber.

All submissions will go through a selection process.
All work must be for sale (60% artists/40% Three Pines Studio).


February 14, 2013  Application deadline:
Statement of intent to participate and brief concept description
including images of previous work (jpg or photos) may be emailed to or mailed to Joann Condino, Three Pines Studio,
P.O. Box 221, Cross Village, MI 49723 .

May 1st, 2013
Work must be delivered or received by May 1st
For promotion purposes, images (jpg or photos 300 dpi) should be provided as soon as possible but no later than delivery date.

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