Sunday, February 24, 2013

Innovators and Legends

We FINALLY got to the Legends and Innovators exhibit in Muskegon. It was a very full day. Three hours driving, time at the exhibit, a quick lunch and three hours back. Worth every minute. Many pieces have been seen in fiber magazines, but are much better up close and personal. There were 75 pieces and all were very different from each other. It was a good showing of what can be done in fiber if you really really stretch.

Geary Jones of Grand Rapids was the curator and brought together a wide spectrum of pieces with most fibers and techniques represented. There are 75 works by 50 artists. I encourage you to go. You will see Nick Cave's Sound Suits, Nancy Crow's mono prints called, "Self Portraits", Arturo Sandoval"s "Pattern Fusion No. 12: Motherboard", which incorporates interlaced recycled auto industry mylar, 35mm microfilm, netting, multi-colored threads, plaited braid,  holographic film, Pellon, and polymer medium. My favorite piece, although that's a hard call, is Jason Pollen's black organza with red patches. There were two stunning works that were cut to form patterns, one of muslin and one of wool. I could go on and on, bout, like most fiber events, they are best seen in person.

The exhibit is at the Muskegon Museum of Art and will run through March 17.  Museum entrance is free on Thursdays as well as the tour from 1-3.


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