Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fanciful Fibers Challenge Update

Hi, Folks,

Here is an update on the Fanciful Fibers Challenge. There have been nine responses to the challenge but mostly from the "usual suspects". The farthest afield came from Fort Gratiot. How about some of you from the new Kalamazoo area group and I know we have some U.P. members. Join the fun and send your check for $5.00 and participate in a terrific group project without too much effort! The deadline is November. 5th. Do it before the holidays take all of your time.

Some of the comments received along with the checks have been:

"What a great idea!"

"Sounds like a lot of fun!"

"Great idea".

"Thank you for establishing the challenge. Its just what I needed to get the creative juices flowing."

Susie Krage
1731 Seminole St.
Detroit, Mi 48214

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