Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kalamazoo SDA Meeting Notes

October 14, 2012

Meeting of West Michigan Surface Design

         Angelica Roberts
         Jennifer Gould 
         Barbara Stewart
         Karin Larsen     

          Not able to attend 
         Cheryl Dineen Ferrin 
         Sue Cortese               

Time was spent sharing our art and talking about the connections that we shared through the creation of our work.

We discussed the vision for the West Michigan and encouraging others to join with us.  We agreed that the meetings should not be over scheduled, but rather a treat to look forward to attending.  Starting small and growing is a good way to form bonds that will make the group strong.

Next Meeting     January 20, 2012                 2:00 pm

Location:            2313 Parkview Ave
                           Kalamazoo, MI
                  Contact Karin Larsen for directions or questions

         Bring item(s) that others might use that you no longer
         need, for a  friendly gifting exchange.

Time for introducing ourselves and sharing about the Michigan Challenge.

Upcoming shows and networking

Two members will share their experience with selling on the internet with those that haven’t sold on the net yet.

A new technique will be shared to add to your bag of tricks.

Future meetings will follow the same format

Exchange time

Sharing our work to support one another

Upcoming shows in the area and networking

         Navigating the SDA site
         Photography for better sales

New Technique

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