Thursday, October 4, 2012


Dear Michigan SDA Members,

For a long while, I have been concerned about how to be more inclusive with the Michigan SDA activities. Having more Ambassadors from different regions is one way, and we still need more volunteers to make that happen. But I have come up with another idea. Lets see what you think. Hopefully you will want to be involved even though you may not have been able to participate in previous activities.

We are going to have a statewide challenge! It will be called, "Fanciful Fibers". Each participant will receive a fat quarter (18" X 22") of the same fabric. Turn it into something fanciful, whimsical and fun. Use any technique you want. Think of dyeing, over-dyeing, discharging, stamping, screening, stitching, sewing, doll making, beading, tearing and weaving, 2D, 3D, etc.  Whatever you like. You must use at least half of the fabric in your finished piece and it must be ready to hang.

The cost to participate is $5.00 per person. This will be used to cover expenses and mailing. I am hopeful that you will all want to participate. Monies left after expenses will go toward prizes! YES! I said prizes. The more participants, the more and better the prizes. With over 100 members, there should be several great prizes!

 So, here's the deal: mail a check to me, Susie Krage, for the $5.00, by November 5, 2012, the day before elections. You will receive your dyed (one color) cotton fabric in January. Other than deciding to write a check now, you need do nothing else but enjoy the holidays. Then, about the time the holiday decorations are put away and the winter doldrums set in, you will receive a nice challenge surprise in the mail. The deadline to return your completed piece will be March 15, 2013.

Then what, you might ask? At the very least, I will post the finished pieces on the blog. We will have a vote for a viewer's choice award. If there are enough pieces, we might pursue an internet exhibit and perhaps an auction for those who want to sell their work. There are a lot of possibilities depending upon whether YOU decide to be part of the fun.

Please join me in making "Fanciful Fiber" a real statewide event.  Don't wait, sit down right now and write out your check.
To summarize:
  1. Send a check for $5.00, made out to Susie Krage, by November 5th, 2012.
  2. Receive fabric in January
  3. Make a :Fanciful Fiber" piece, any technique, prepared for hanging.
  4. Return finished work to Susie by March 15, 2013.
SDA Michigan Representative  
Susie Krage
1731 Seminole St.
Detroit, MI 48214

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