Wednesday, October 10, 2012


At our recent Arashi Shibori workshop, Jennifer Gould shared some of her exquisite dolls with us. Each one had a beautiful black satin label with gold writing. Jennifer;s signature was in her own handwriting. Of course, we all wanted to know where she had them made. So here is the information.

Sterling Name Tape Co.  -
Winsted CT 06098

There is a set -up fee to make the printing plate. Once that is done, it can be used for each re-order. Jennifer said that in 2009, she re-ordered 1000 labels for $108. 

To make labels at home, I'd like to refer you to a tutorial on Connie Hester's website,

I tried it and must say it worked! Surprise.  I used inexpensive polyester ribbon on a roll from JoAnns. I printed on cardstock and then taped the ribbon, as described. I had no issues with feeding the entire thing through my straight loading printer with pigment ink. My only issue is that there is a very slight blurriness to the print and that is it fiddly. For a few labels, it is a good technique. If I needed 100's, I wouldn't bother.


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