Sunday, June 10, 2012

Indigo Day a Success

Saturday was our SDA-Michigan indigo workshop. We had stunning weather, hot with just enough breeze to be pleasant. Everyone seemed to be having fun and all there were lots of oohs and ahhs as the  fabric came out of the vat green and oxidized to beautiful indigo blue.

Lots of fabric manipulation was going on using stitching, clamping, pole wrapping and object wrapping. As you look at the photos, see if you can figure out what technique was used.

Susan Trovillion and Jean Pratt brought extra canopies so we were able to work in the shade. No one wanted to stop for lunch, just make more fabric. I'd call that a successful workshop. It is amazing how much fabric was dyed with just three vats. And none of the vats was exhausted, just the participants! The three vats went home with three door prize winners. Susie made up kits with all of the ingredients to make a small vat for those who wanted to continue the fun at home.

The photos tell the story. Thanks to all who participated. It was a great day! Bring your fabrics to the joint SDA-SAQA picnic for all to see. That date is June 24th at 2 p.m.


Washed indigo samples waving in the breeze. Under the canopy are 3 indigo vats waiting for use.

These canopies and tables were for prep work; fabric manipulation.

Susan Trovillion is demonstrating one aspect of fabric manipulation. Kay Lister is putting on gloves ready to dye. She came with some fabric prepared, including some with stamped soy wax. (The two pieces on the right in the next photo.) Karen Turckes and Diane Nunez are taking it all in.

The drip and drying line. Pieces were hung to oxidize and perhaps be dipped again.
Several people are dipping their fabric in the background.

Sandy O'Brien and Veronica Strauss are focused on their fabric in the vats.

Jean Pratt, Susan Trovillion and Lynn Krawczyk hanging fabric.

Lynn dipped just the bottom of the tote bags from Dharma for a great effect. 
Next to them is another resisted cloth.

On the left are two procion mx dyed scarves Terri Voight resisted and overdyed to great effect.
Next to it, another resisted piece.

Lisa Jaros was doing a lot of fine stitched resist. Terri Voight happily giving pole wrapping a try.
Aislinn. a new member and my neighbor is in the background.

Jean Pratt also tried her hand at pole wrapping. 
Aislinn  is in the background.

Karen Turckes, Beth Markel, and Diane Ninez with poles. Both Beth and Diane are new members.)

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