Friday, June 29, 2012

SDA / SAQA picnic - a parade of artwork!

Last weekend Susie hosted a joint SDA and SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) picnic. The Michigan chapters of each organization gathered in her backyard for a leisurely getting-to-know-each-other afternoon.

It was a great success! Part of the meeting was dedicated to seeing each other's work, here are some views of what each member brought:

Clockwise: Carole Harris shows her latest quilt top in progress; Terri Voight models beautiful felted vest (it is very light and has great drape); Carol Tamasiunas brought an art quilt that was inspired by Georgia O'Keefe, she painted the fabric for the piece; Ann Jacob shows her discharge dyed quilt and talks about the environmental issues that inspired it.


Clockwise: Sandy Gellish shows her art quilt featuring a beautiful landscape; Mary Andrews holds up her art quilt full of incredible hand stitching and color; Jeanne brought one of her sheer wraps on which she has skillfully felted wool onto; Kate Lebowsky talks about a new series of plushie art (that she has coined Huggable Art) that she is creating based on fairytales (these are from the Three Little Pigs tale).


On the left: Susie Krage holds up a new piece featuring fabric that was created from her photos of Detroit. On the right: Marilyn Prucka's piece is inspired by rivers and features fabric that has been discharged.


Clockwise: Kay Lister shows off an art quilt that features dyed fabric and screen printing; Patrice Smith's art quilt was created using fabric that has deconstructed screen printing on it; Anne Hiemstra shows an art quilt that was free form pieced and designed.

And since I (Lynn Krawczyk) was behind the camera, I didn't get a shot of me showing off the work that I brought but here is a view of it on its own:

Its the 18th piece in my current series, Remnant Collages, and features hand printed fabric that has been collaged onto canvas.

The afternoon was very pleasant and it was such a great time to get to know everyone! Many thanks to Susie for hosting the gathering and we hope to see you at a future event!

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  1. It looks like a great day. Sorry I had to miss it.