Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sue Moran


Attached is the announcement for a 2-person show I'm in. The opening is June 28th, please stop by if you can.

Sue Moran

Susan Moran / Ashley Lieber 
forest field farm

a summer exhibition of farm-inspired textiles and horticultural art installations 
June 28 - August 16, 2012 / Reception: Thursday, June 28, 6-8pm / River Gallery, Chelsea MI 

120 S. Main/ Chelsea, Michigan 48118 734.433.0826 

tuesday-wednesday 11–5pm thursday 11-8:30 / friday 11-5 / saturday 11-8 

susan moran / farm-inspired textiles 

I find inspiration for my art in daily walks through the wild places of Southeast  Michigan. Throughout the year these walks have become a meditation, allowing me the time to observe subtle, daily changes and to appreciate seasonal cycles. In my  work I filter images of nature through the textile processes and inherent qualities of the cloth I am using. I am grateful to the Legacy Land Conservancy of Southeast Michigan for placing me as an on-site artist at the Community Farm of Ann Arbor in 2011. Many of the panels depicting vegetables are the result of these visits to the  farm. Other works are inspired by natural areas in Ann Arbor and Conservancy properties in Washtenaw County. 

ashley lieber / horticultural art installations 
For the majority of our human history we’ve lived rural lifestyles. Our ancestry stems from hunting and gathering to agriculture. Today nearly 80% of the US population lives in cities. Though the urban landscape contains culture, it also booms with a  degree of hard stimuli: mass media, noise pollution, and organized chaos. Designed as diversified color fields of green, the framed works in this series can be utilized as actual sites for mental and physical restoration. They simulate imagery of expansive green landscapes: farmlands, rolling hills of the countryside, rain forests, tropical islands, and aerial views of wilderness. Ecological integrity is the cornerstone of my work and process. This art is created in part for those who do not have a green thumb, the space or the time for gardening. 

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