Thursday, September 20, 2012

Workshop with Katie Pasquini Massopust in Grand Rapids


We are still working  with   Katie  Pasquini Massopust to see if we can
have a workshop.  Ghost Layers and Color Layers  is the class chosen.
Please read below for the class information and visit her website if you want
more information. In order to have the class with Katie, we will need
a firm comittment  up front from all of the students. The workshop will be two 
days, Monday and Tuesday, approximate time from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., 
October 8th and 9th, 2012. The price will be $90 per person and must be
paid up front with no refunds. We need 25 people to meet the cost.Please call 
anyone you know who may want to take the class. I will have to get people
and money by the middle of next week. 

Please e-mail Ginny back ASAP if you are still in or want to attend. 
witheyg@sbcglobal,net or 365-9084  and I will get back to you.
Thanks, Ginny

Ghost Layers and Color Washes
(1. A photograph is used for the base design.
2. Add a Ghost layer or floating design, (transparency) 
complimentary or in opposition to the first layer.
3. Add additional colors by following painted water color wash 
(a painting on paper)These three layers combined will create 
an in-depth and illusionary design.A small quilt sample will be 
created the first day and then a larger masterpiece will be started
for the balance of the class.

Supplies:I will supply the paper products needed for a 
materials fee of $11.00.
2" brush, 3" foam brush (art supply or hardware store)
 a small plate, (can be foam meat trays or white picnic plates),
container for water
 3 small tubes of watercolor paint from these colors, 
(choose 3) red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple. 
3 colored pencils to match the colors you choose.
Pencil for drawing -
pencils for marking on fabric - 
ruler - compass - 
fabric and paper scissors -
rags and/or paper towels - 
tape - 
spray starch 
iron and ironing surface and extension cords
(workshop coordinators, we need one iron for every two
Stiletto, also available in class.
Standard stapler that opens up flat and lots of extra staples, 
.01 fine point pigma pen.
Optional: Sewing Machine, we only need 5 or 6
machines for a whole class to share; if you would prefer to
use your own machine, bring it. If you are traveling by
airplane, plan to borrow someone for the small amount of
time we use machines.
Fabrics in the colors you want to use,
(3 different colors that match the 3 tubes of paint you have
chosen for the water color layer) sorted into 7 different
values of each. Make separate piles of each of the steps,
step 1 being white and very pale shades of the color, step
2 being a little darker, on through all of the steps to step
7 which will be black and very dark shades of the color.
Have several pieces in each of the steps for each of the
different colors you choose to work with. That would be a
minimum of 3 in each step times 7 steps for at least 21
different pieces for each of the different colors times 3
different colors for at least 63 fabrics. The more fabrics
you have to choose from the easier it will be. You will not
need very much of any one color fat eighties or thirds of a
yard should be enough. Keep these in the separate steps by
putting a paper spacer between them in a shoebox or
transport them in zip lock bags. Sorting is the most
time consuming, please bring them sorted and I will help
fine tune the steps in class. If you like working with black
and white prints bring them in the seven steps as well.For
the two-day class brings photographs that you would like to
make into a Ghost Layer and Color Wash quilt.

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